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The Cabin/Lake House Sneak Peek

Posted by AFarmhouseFull on June 5, 2013 at 8:05 AM Comments comments (0)

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1 Lake House, 3 Girlfriends and Lots of Kids!

Posted by AFarmhouseFull on August 25, 2012 at 6:05 PM Comments comments (0)

A few weeks before I got "grounded" (I have to stay close to my hospital now!), two high school girlfriends and I took ourselves and our cumulative children for a 2 day stay at the lake house!  We had a really great time and it was nice to have some "girl time" after the kids went to bed.  These ladies have been in my life for a REALLY LONG TIME.  One of them......well, we were in diapers when we met!  Both are like family to me and no matter where life takes us or what we are doing we always fall right back into being just as goofy as we were in high school. 

We headed up to the playground and let the kids play a bit....

Enjoyed a few easily prepared meals...

fished more than a couple of hours....

played a lot......

enjoyed some snail races....

And in general had a really grand time.

Happy Fathers Day!

Posted by AFarmhouseFull on June 18, 2012 at 9:15 AM Comments comments (0)

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!  I have the worlds greatest examples of fathers in my life!  My grandpas, fathers, husband, brother in law, uncles, you name it; they are all amazing....I am SO blessed!  We spent a beautiful weekend at the lake house for Father's Day. 

The boys went on a canoe trip on Saturday and Sunday was a "beach day"!  Beautiful weather and the kids have a great time!  Did I mention the kids LOVE the lake house (like want to live there? LOL!). 

And this is my homemade present for Mike on Father's Day.  I snagged one of the chalkboards off the kid's bathroom wall and wrote letters one-by-one as I took photos of the kids.....if we keep having kids we could end up writing out a whole sentance with these things! LOL!

And we made one for the grandpa's too!

How was your Father's Day?

It's a.........

Posted by AFarmhouseFull on May 16, 2012 at 1:10 PM Comments comments (4)

We had our “big” sono last Friday and we were able to find out what we are going to be expecting late this summer. It’s a……..BOY! Yes, sir, it seems as if we are going to be evening things out yet again in this family. Three little darlings and three little men as well! I was super shocked when they told us, because, frankly I just KNEW we were having a girl. The only two pregnancies that I have ever had a feeling were this one and Georgia’s. I just KNEW Georgia was a girl and it turned out I was right so I thought my instinct would be correct on this one too. NOPE! It was….um….VERY obviously a boy so I am glad that I didn’t want to be surprised at birth. He made HIMself very well known to the world! Hehehehe, I guess he isn’t the modest kind!

I have been envisioning doing something Pintrest-worthy for telling the family (including Mike and my five monkeys). I originally wanted to do a big bouquet of (pink or blue) helium balloons in a large box that would float up when opened. Ya know....beautiful and picture perfect like this:

With a last minute Mother’s Day trip to the cabin we knew the helium wouldn’t last. So I decided that a bakery that could put a middle icing color inside a plain white cake would do the trick. Delicious, simple, oh-so-cute, ya know, like this.......

The problem with this? I forgot totally that Mother’s Day weekend aligns with graduation at our local state university! BLAH! By Friday all the bakeries were backed up. None could possibly have a cake ready by Saturday (when we would have to leave for the lake)…..

So, I went simple! I bought a small self-use helium tank and a small box (big enough for one balloon)and some decorations for it and sort of stuck to the first idea. The balloon popped out and everyone knew that it was a boy because the balloon was blue. While it wasn’t as elaborate (or beauiful or well photographed) as the Pintrest idea in my head, (lets be real now!….does anything ever turn out as great as the Pinterest inspiration?) it did the trick.

While at the cabin we trekked over to a local state park and did one of the short meduim/rugged trails that overlooked a waterfall and a siltstone bluff (most of us in flip flops, of course!...did I mention THIS idea was also sort of a last-minute-no-planning thing too!?).

We also ate amazing ribs while at the cabin (thank you Evil Dr. Pork Chops!)!!! I will DEFINATELY post this recipe for them because they are out of this world! Even I can make them with ease (and I am NOT the griller in the family!) YUMMY!

NYE 2011/12

Posted by AFarmhouseFull on January 10, 2012 at 11:25 AM Comments comments (0)

New Years Eve was spent at the cabin and the weather couldn’t have been any more cooperative.  We took a 3 mile hike at a local nature park that is on the site of an old limestone quarry.  I will admit that the 70 foot drop offs at the top of the quarry sent my mind into overdrive thinking of ways I could attach leashes and harnesses to my children so they wouldn’t accidentally fall over the edge of one!  

They even had an awesome amphitheatre with a limestone stage and limestone “bleachers”.  So neat!  


New Years Eve night was spent playing euchre. I will not even get into how badly I was beat and how many times it happened……luck was NOT on my side that night!

Michael ALMOST made it, but he tuckered out about an hour before the ball dropped.  AJ and Maddie on the other hand were up and kicking to ring in the new year complete with banging pots and pans and a couple of sparklers!

As a tradition we always have a ham-and-bean-with-cornbread meal on the first day of the New Year.  My mom treats my dad to it because he LOVES (even though she does not!)

Hope you all had a wonderful start to 2012!



{This Moment}

Posted by AFarmhouseFull on January 6, 2012 at 7:40 AM Comments comments (8)

{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.

Linked to: Soulemama.com


AJ's Birthday

Posted by AFarmhouseFull on January 4, 2012 at 12:30 AM Comments comments (0)

My oldest turned 9 about a month ago and I am starting to realize just how old he is getting!  My little baby is growing up.  It seems like this last year he has really started to come into his own.  Even his boyish looks are starting to be replaced with features of an older child.  It is hard not to wonder where my 10 pound 1 ounce newborn went!  Although he was never tiny, he was my little baby and somehow he is not anymore.  How can 9 years pass so fast?

AJ at nine days old!

On his birthday we trekked up to the local Amtrak station and watched a couple of trains to feed his recently revisited train obsession.  He was gifted his first N scale model train beginner set up and since then it has been thickly added being it is the holiday season.  

We also treated him to dinner with the family at a local restaurant/arcade.  We played games, won some prizes and had some delicious pizza.  

On the kids birthday, instead of doing big parties we just take the child on an excursion on their birthday.  This year AJ decided he wanted to go to a model train show.  Because things like that only happen on certain dates we could not go on his actual birthday.  But the following weekend we loaded up for a trip to a large model train show with ONLY the boys……  WEIRD feeling with only 2 (somewhat self-sufficient) kids!  REALLY WEIRD!  Grandma and Grandpa graciously agreed to entertain the girls at the cabin.  We then all stayed overnight at the cabin and enjoyed some lake-time before we headed home the following day.

{the girls with Grandma and Grandpa leaving for the cabin the night before}

Happy 9th Birthday Andrew Jagger!  I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!



My baby boy is 5!

Posted by AFarmhouseFull on November 14, 2011 at 5:20 AM Comments comments (2)

Michael turned 5 last week and had a couple of very exciting days. His actual birthday we had a full day of lunch out at a local pizza parlor, a trip to Indianapolis Children's Museum, and then an overnight weekend at the cabin!

The Indy Children's Museum has family free nights once a month from 4-8pm so it was not only fun it was super frugal!


We had beautiful weather for a cabin trip and actually ended up taking the kids on a short hike at a nearby state park.


He had a wonderful birthday and it was a wonderful weekend in the fall bliss in the heart of "Covered Bridge County".

Cabin Weekend!

Posted by AFarmhouseFull on October 16, 2011 at 5:55 AM Comments comments (0)

What’s greater than a trip to the cabin?

 How about a trip to the cabin when the trees are fancifully showing their beautiful fall colors……..

......during a beautiful "Indian Summer"……

......AND with wonderful friends……

......who just so happen to be fellow homeschoolers……

......who like to play euchre while drinking a Blue Moon!

Ahhhhh, yes – SPLENDID weekend indeed!

Weekend Update

Posted by AFarmhouseFull on June 1, 2011 at 4:18 PM Comments comments (0)

We had a rainy Saturday here at the farmhouse.  One of those days that there is a perfect opportunity to do a little kitchen duty.  I have been running low on homemade baby food for almost 2 weeks and I bought the last round in those expensive glass jars....ahem....not too frugal.  It always bugs me out to see how much 1 week of baby food costs in those cute little glass jars!  Anywho - I made a batch of carrots and applesauce for Miss Georgia.  I also made up a batch of granola.  The recipe I use is one I got from another fellow blogger, Quinn and if you click HERE you can use it too!  The only thing I change on it is that I leave out the wheat germ and increase the whole wheat flour to 1/4 cup.

Sunday we took a trip to the lake house.  We enjoyed some tubing, swiming, boating, grilling and even a "drive in movie" on the side of the cabin!  It was a great time!


Hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!


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