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Build Your Own Bike Rack

Posted by AFarmhouseFull on April 30, 2012 at 5:45 AM

Mike and I FINALLY got the garage mess under control a couple of weeks ago!  Since last year when we started our home based lawn business our garage has taken a turn for the worst.  Ever heard the expression “cramming 10 lbs. of stuff into a 1 lb. bag”? Yep, we were doing it! Our garage was bursting at the seams!  We bit the bullet and finally accepted defeat.  No way of arranging could untangle the mess of bikes, mowers, aerators, tillers and everything else that was now parked in our garage.  And don't even get me started on the van we now own that could quite literally eat and spit out an average sized minivan.  In another post I will show you the beautiful shed, concrete work and landscaping that we put in.  But this post is dedicated to my thrifty little ditty of a bike rack made for a cost of…..wait for it……$35!!!  This is my not-so-original design (that is a larger version of this one) for a bike rack that holds 8 bikes!

Or you can buy one for $350!!!

You will need - 

  • 6 – 10’ foot sticks of ¾” schedule 40 PVC pipe
  • 6 – bags of contractors pack (10 in each bag – so 60 total), ¾” PVC tees
  • 6 – single ¾” PVC elbows
  • Glue if you want (I didn’t glue ours – that way I can take it apart and add to it if I need to!)
  • Hacksaw or PVC pipe cutters
  • Rubber mallet to tighten joints.

You can cut all the lengths first or cut as you go.  I cut as I went so I could try out a section or two before I assembled the whole thing!  Now just assemble it according to the photo above. Obviously, use elbows on the ends and not tees.  I would say that if all the bikes are the same size I would make the sections (6” ones) separating the bikes a bit longer.  Staggering the handle bar height makes 6” work, but with two of the same size bikes the handles bars get a bit tangled.  Also, if you have any bikes with oversized (wide) tire you will need to add a little length to the 2" piece (2-1/2" to 3").

I even color coded so everyone knew their "assigned parking spot"!

There you go! An awesome bike rack for under $40!!!





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